Güngör Family Olive Production and Trade : A Success Story

As Güngör Family, we, continuing a deep-rooted olive tradition in Orhangazi, have embarked on an adventure of innovation and quality-oriented growth, starting from a small-scale trade in the beginning.

As our family rooted in Narlıca town of Orhangazi district of Bursa, we started our adventure with olive production in the early 1990s and soon turned it into olive trade.

As a family that initially started with a small olive trade, with the support of our olive farmers and the encouragement of our loyal customers, we expanded our business by launching a factory in Gemlik in 2003, producing packaging and packaging. 000 tons of olive storage capacity and 20 tons of olive packaging capacity per day, we focused on green olive varieties and sliced olive groups. In the same year, we acquired Pınar Pickles and Olives, which has been operating in the pickle sector for 40 years in the famous Gedelek village of Orhangazi, and created an infrastructure that can respond to customer demands more effectively by combining olive and pickle varieties.

Since olives and pickles are products that are harvested once a year, we attach great importance to the storage of olives and pickles in appropriate conditions during harvest periods. With this in mind, our Gemiç integrated factory, the foundations of which were laid in 2014 and became operational in 2016, has a product storage capacity of 15,000 tons, and we have reached a daily product packaging capacity of 100 tons with the latest technology packaging production lines.

With a total storage capacity of 21,000 tons of olives and 6,000 tons of fermented pickles, all our factories not only deliver our products to many markets and retail outlets in 81 provinces of Turkey, but also export our products to more than 20 countries, especially in the Middle East, Turkic Republics, Russia and Europe.

As a company, we set our development and quality targets for olives by acting on the principle of "trouble shows the way" as advised by the Prophet Mevlana. By reducing the salt content of our black olives by 25%-30% compared to the old rates, we offered our less salty, dried black olives to our customers. We reaped the fruits of the R&D studies we started in 2016 for the production of pepper pimento paste used in the production of green olives with pepper in our Akhisar plant, and we brought innovation to the sector by producing the first pepper paste in Turkey.

With these innovative approaches, we both contribute to our country's imports and lead the sector by offering an economical production option to other peppered green olive producers. We aim to increase customer satisfaction by enabling our consumers to prefer olives produced under more hygienic conditions.

As Güngör Family, we will continue our R&D and studies in the future in order to continuously increase and improve our quality.


Our Mission

As a pioneering family business in the olive and pickle sector, to provide our customers with quality, healthy and delicious products; to prioritize environmental awareness through sustainable agricultural practices; to provide a fair and supportive working environment for our employees.


Our Vision

To be one of the globally recognized and preferred brands of olives and pickles; to lead the sector with continuous innovative and sustainable production methods; to maximize customer satisfaction and trust.


Our Values

  1. Quality: Adhering to high quality standards at every stage, exceeding customer expectations.

2. Integrity: To be open, transparent and honest with our customers and business partners.

3. Environmental Sensitivity: Respecting the environment through sustainable agriculture and production practices.

4. Innovation: To develop our product portfolio by continuously conducting R&D studies and to be a leader in the sector.

5. Customer Orientation: To be based on customer satisfaction and to meet their demands in the best way possible.

6. Employee Rights and Development: To offer fair working conditions to our employees and support their continuous development.

7. Social Responsibility: Contributing to the society and local economy, supporting social responsibility projects.

With these values, as Güngör Family, we are not only a business in the sector, but also a family tradition with a mission and vision.


We started olive trade in the early 1990s.


We put our Gemlik factory, which produces packaging and packaging, into operation.


We added green olive varieties and sliced olive group to our product portfolio by investing in our Akhisar factory, which is built on 30 decares of land and has a capacity of 6,000 tons of olive storage and 20 tons of olive packaging per day.


We acquired Pınar Pickles and Olives, which has been operating in the pickle sector for 40 years in Orhangazi's famous Gedelek village.


Built on 80 decares of land with a product storage capacity of 20,000 tons, we have launched our Gemiç integrated factory. Thanks to the latest technology packaging production lines in our Gemiç integrated factory, we are able to pack 100 tons of products per day.


We launched our Orhangazi packaging factory and started to produce food-grade packaging.

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